Lab Internazionale della Comunicazione

Gamajun International Award

Gamajun International Award

The Gamajun International Award is a prize that aims to reinforce the cultural role of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the world of communication.

The ceremony is held during the Laboratorio Internazionale at the end of July/beginning of August.

The prize is awarded to a leading figure of European art and culture (and in exceptional cases to non Europeans) who enhances the dignity of mankind, in different ways:

  • by promoting the values and the knowledge of his/her culture;
  • by making the world a better place with his/her testimony of adherence to his/her beliefs and art;
  • by furthering cooperation with people from different countries, by trying to promote the spirit of universal harmony by way of more in-depth communication.

The recipient of the award is chosen by a committee. S/He receives the award from the chairman of the Lab in a ceremony held in the theatre of Gemona. The people of Gemona and the participants of the Lab are all invited to the prize giving ceremony which is the crowning event.

The prize is an artistic representation of the Gamajun which symbolises communication and is the emblem of the Lab.

An official justification for the prize is also given to the recipients. A preparatory cultural event and a discourse that illustrate the activity and the merit of the receiver take place during the ceremony.